Monday, December 8, 2008

Do Marketers Create Brand Continuity Between English Sites and Hispanic Sites?

In a review of several Fortune 100 Companies, a startling revelation has taken place. It seems as those companies who have created sites in the Spanish language do not take as much care in sending the same brand messages. I was always taught that as you flip through a site you should always be aware that you are in the same sites. Many times when sites are updated or have been taken on by a different person, the site look changes and consumers are more apt to receive conflicting brand messages. This same principle should be applied when constructing a site in different languages.

For example, Disney and Walgreens both have taken the time to create sites for Hispanic consumers that are in the Spanish language. That’s great, but these sites don’t appear to offer the same promotions and they don’t have the streaming videos and animation like the English sites do. Also, it must be noted that the younger group of Hispanic American consumers prefer to be spoken to in English and they prefer a people of Latin decent for visual orientation.

An article I read stated that even though in 2000 Hispanics “represented over 50% of the U.S. population growth” (Kutchera, 2008) marketers have still not embraced the online medium as adamantly as other media. The article goes into some detail concerning options for using the online environment to market to Hispanics. It is a great read for those companies looking at more effectively marketing to the Hispanic community.


Kutchera, J. (2008, December 4). New targeting methods for reaching u.s. hispanics. MediaPost. Retrieved December 5, 2008 from

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